Mission & vision Statements


To be a globally accredited human resource centre of excellence catalyzing sustainable livelihoods in the less developed markets across the globe.


To have a strong domestic and international presence in the training and skill building space, in order to make over 100,000 people employable annually with emphasis on poor and the marginalised sections of society across the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

The expected impact is to drive self sufficiency and inclusive economic participation in local communities, by ensuring sustainable employment with an additional focus on:

  • empowering women and marginalised classes
  • ensuring development of local solutions through micro entrepreneurship
  • playing a key role in districts beset with extremist violence by giving the youth employment opportunities

    The management team consists of a group of “edupreneurs” all driven by a common vision of "driving poverty alleviation by giving young people an opportunity to earn a sustainable livelihood through quality education and training". Our philosophy is to create an environment where learning is through multi-sensory experience.