In this ever changing environment, life skills are an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. We train young women & first time migrants from remote, rural areas to be equipped with life skills for their first job so that they cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life. Our trainees need new life skills to accept the changes and to lead a stress free life so Gram Tarang has been implementing P.A.C.E in most of the centres specially focused on young women from remote, rural areas being trained for employment in the garment export industry and other tardes like Hospitality (CCD) and BPO. The program has shown huge improvements in the trainee’s ability to cope with rural to urban migration into their work life and subsequently improved retention in the work place. We find happy faces at work place and satisfied clients. Gram Tarang touched 5,500 women and has delivered P.A.C.E. training. 65% of them will belong to scheduled castes & tribes. We target to train over 8000 young women through additional support from GAP Foundation in 2017-18.

Remarkable changes noticed in the students:

-Raised participation/involvement in activities

-More interactive during P.A.C.E. and technical classes

– Raised confidence level

-Openness to changes

-Communication and PSDM: some of the role plays are highly motivating to the students

-WASH and Health literacy is noticed to be highly practical and necessary to the students.

We propose to:

-Reach more new centres of ours with the existing centres to impact more    lives.

-Reach urban poor and rural areas with P.A.C.E.

– Provide health check-up’s to all the students before placement