The Snap Fitness Training Program has been designed in Australia by SEDA in consultation with Snap Fitness. The course is delivered by fitness industry experts from Australia and India. Delivery is comprised of classroom lessons: practical application within fitness clubs and community organisations; and industry placement.


The requirements for the Snap Fitness Training Program comprise successful completion of 10 modules:

  • Exercise Science
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Sports Nutrition & Recovery
  • Training Methods & Principles
  • Risk management
  • Health Screening & Fitness Appraisal
  • Fitness Training Programs
  • Group Exercise
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Internship at Snap Fitness/other gym
  • English & IT Skills


  • Students obtain a Snap Fitness recognized Qualification endorsed by SEDA that leads to direct employment in one of 60 Snap Fitness Clubs across India.
  • Students develop experience and knowledge from industry experts from Australia and India who have first-hand industry experience
  • SEDA is a leader in Australia in the design and delivery of Fitness Education and Training.
  • SEDA partners with fitness industry leaders to engage young people in their education through their passion and provide them with formal qualifications that allow them to transition directly into the workforce.


Students complete an internship within a Snap Fitness Club two days per week over the duration of the course. The internship leads to direct employment outcomes at Snap Fitness Clubs throughout India upon the successful completion of the course.



  • Combination of practical and theory lessons
  • Combination of practical and theory assessment tasks
  • Final examination: 100 multiple choice/true and false questions

* Students are provided with a SEDA Uniform. Students are also provided access to computers and all relevant course material.
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