Problem Description

  • In the last 25 years ~ 17 million people p.a. have been pumped into the employable age-group in India.
  • HRD funnel shows ~ 16.6 million drop outs per year
    • 6.8 million fall into agriculture – not prepared by their education for farm or rural non-farm enterprises
    • 2.5 million fall into Small scale industry or self employment – no help from their formal education.
    • 7.3 million is the unemployment generation per year
  • 1996-97 estimate of cumulative unemployed is 200 mn; 2007 estimate 300+ mn.
  • Present HRD system and policies ignore those who have failed and disregards this significant & critical yet productive group.

Characteristics of 200 mn Unemployed population (Millions)

  • Disproportionate contribution from Agriculture & Services to total Labour force & GDP
  • Inequitable economic growth highlights the impending need & opportunity for up-skilling of unemployed & semi skilled labour from agriculture into skill intensive services & manufacturing sectors & improving Productivity of existing workforce.
  • Increasing pressure on existing urban centres is driving industry to Tier II cities & towns where there is an urgent need to increase employability of human capital.
  • India Economic Growth story is threatened by the impending skills shortage